Fireplace Gate in Washington, D.C.

Fireplaces are one of the biggest hazards for babies and young toddlers. For a curious little human, a fireplace is a mysterious and alluring place. From the baby’s perspective, it’s a place worth exploring by touching it, even crawling inside and trying to play hide-and-seek.

Even if you have a decorative fireplace — no actual fire can be built there — it is still imperative to childproof the area. Even a decorative fireplace usually features exposed brick and sharp corners. The mantel, pilasters, jambs, and legs, as well as firebox opening and hearth, pose risks of injury.

Here at Ouch Proofers, we use certified KidCo baby gates specifically designed to childproof fireplaces. These gates are versatile and provide a sturdy and esthetically pleasing solution. They can be removed fairly easily when no longer needed.