Child Proofing Company in Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

Thank you for checking out our services page! If you are looking for an experienced and professional babyproofing/childproofing company on the East Coast, you are in the right place.

Here at Ouch Proofers, we offer a wide range of childproofing services. Whether you are new parents with a newborn living in a condo or an owner of multiple vacation rental properties, we have a plan on how to make children’s surroundings safer.

Among services offered, we provide childproofing services for residential dwellings, such as condos, apartment buildings, and single-family homes.

We also help adoptive parents, as well as individuals who are getting ready to become foster parents, to childproof their homes before welcoming a new member of the family.

Finally, Ouch Proofers are delighted to work with Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental owners. Having your property childproofed by professional service providers has many benefits: avoid frivolous lawsuits, boost your vacation rental profile, and run a more versatile, more welcoming, business.

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How does it work?

Regardless of the type of your dwelling, you can get started by either giving us a call or filling out a simple online form. Whether online or on the phone, we will collect basic information about your home.

During a follow-up call, we will discuss which childproofing plan fits your needs best and schedule your installation.

On the installation day, we will bring all the materials necessary to make your home safer for children and will complete the work from A to Z in one visit.

It’s really that simple… Do not waste time on DIY: let a team of child safety-obsessed dads do it for you!

Get started
Childproofing for private residences
After the initial consultation, a childproofing expert will come to your home and complete the installation in one visit.
Childproofing for adoption and fostering preparation
Getting ready for a new family member was never this easy! Don't waste time trying to DIY: let the professionals do the job for you.
Childproofing for Vacation Rentals
Make your vacation rental child-friendly! The same top-notch childproofing services from consultation to installation now available to Airbnb and VRBO owners.
Equipment buy-back program
Not only we will send our friendly crew to remove the childproofing equipment that is no longer needed, but we will also pay you a fee for selling it back to us.

Cost comparison between DIY installation vs. using Ouch Proofers

Total cost if the customer completes all installation work

Grand Total of Client’s Cost $1,677.73


Ouch Proofers Installation Cost of $1,500

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