Our Commitment to Sustainability: Equipment Buy-Back Service

ouch proofers sustainabilityDealing with childproofing equipment once your child is no longer a toddler is a little bit like taking down Christmas decorations: I love doing that, said no one, ever! Luckily to you, our client, you won’t have to deal with it. Not only we will send our friendly crew to remove the childproofing equipment that is no longer needed, but we will also pay you a fee for selling it back to us. Give us a call to learn how much money you can get back!

The buy-back program is our way to show appreciation to our clients as well as our commitment to sustainability. Used equipment will be refurbished or recycled. While at it, we can also pick up and donate any unwanted children’s toys and clothes. Ouch Proofers are always here to make your job as a parent a little bit less stressful.

You are helping others by doing business with Ouch Proofers!

Call us sappy but our professional childproofing installers, aka super dads, do tear up pretty often watching children run around safely in a home after the job well done… and we love giving back whenever we can.

We are committed to donating 2% of the company’s net profit to non-profit organizations such as child development centers, children with cancer, and other lethal disease.

Give us a call or fill out a simple contact form and we will get back with a custom quote!